USOPC COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

USOPC Delegation Terms

The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee Delegation Terms outline the requirements that all U.S. delegates must acknowledge and adhere to as a condition of participation at the Games. 
These Terms outline specific USOPC rules related to COVID-19 safety and mitigation among other topics. Collectively, the U.S. delegation consists of Team USA athletes, coaches, USOPC and National Governing Body staff, executives and volunteers. 

The International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee have ultimate authority in governing the Olympic and Paralympic Games, along with the rules set forth by the Organizing Committee and local government for the host city. The rules and requirements outlined by the IOC, IPC and within the Games Playbooks govern all Games participants. The USOPC Delegation Terms do not replace these international rules; rather, they supplement them by better defining the USOPC’s own requirements and commitments.

U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Trials Participant Rules

Developed by the Team USA Delegation Rules COVID Safety Working Group, the Trials Participant Rules are intended to provide clear guidance to National Governing Bodies to protect against, safeguard and eliminate the spread of COVID-19 at U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Trials.

U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Centers Playbook

The USOPC has developed an infectious disease management strategy designed to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 at USOPC facilities and events. This OPTC Playbook outlines behaviors and practices to help promote a healthy and safe environment and will be updated as guidance from state and public health officials continues to evolve.