Mary competed in her first National's...well, a long time ago. And she's always enjoyed writing about and being among the good players. She had an article on Lou Pagliaro in the Oct., 1941 Topics--and I'm sure she remembers giving exhibitions with him as well as with Jimmy McClure, Doug Cartland, and other well known players.

Mary very early wanted responsibility--began by co-Chairing the USATT Women's Committee in the early '40's. During the mid-'40's, under Reba Monness's leadership, she was a V.P. of the New York TTA.

Then she was off overseas giving USO exhibitions.

In 1947 she was a Camel Cigarette Cover Girl. Glamorous, and oh, so healthy looking. She was "hot," but did she smoke?

After marrying in 1953, she continued to play table tennis, and in 1955 won the Pacific Coast Championship.

In 1957 she organized a spring Army Exhibition Tour of Japan with Dick Miles, Leah Neuberger, Erwin Klein, and Sharon Acton. "In our off days in Tokyo,' Mary said, "we were royally treated by Mr. Tamasu of Butterfly, who took us to his factory and to a day out at a beautiful restaurant on the grounds of a former prince. Next day we were presented with photos that he had taken, and a racket of our choice." Also, she said, "Nittaku hosted us to a Japanese formal tea," and then we "had a chance to visit the Armstrong Table Tennis Co. We loved Tokyo!"

Later that year, Mary became a cover girl again--for, as Topics would make clear, she and her teammates, Susie Hoshi and Sharon Acton, won the National Team Championships, and Mary herself had the 6th best record of any of the participants.

She would continue to play well, and by the end of the '60's had won the U.S. Women's Over 40 Championship.

Since then she must have written at least 25 articles for Topics--a 1976 interview with Angelita Rosal, for example; tributes to Dean Galardi, John Somael, and Leah Neuberger. She wrote an account of the People's Republic of China vs. Chinese Taipei match in 1985, an article on Bobby Fields in 1988, and over the years write-ups on many California tournaments and happenings--including the 1995 funeral of Bernie Bukiet.

In 1982 Mary was Topics' "Senior of the Month," and in '92 for helping to publicize the San Diego U.S. Closed and other tournaments, she was given the Southern California Sportsmanship/Service Award.

Since being appointed in 1985, she continues to be one of the most productive members of the USATT Hall of Fame Board.