USA Table Tennis

Sharon Frant Brooks

International Senior
Table Tennis Classifier

USA Table Tennis follows the ITTF system of Para Classification and all related Rules.  All classifiers taking part in the national classification are educated and certified by the ITTF. The 2015 Athlete Classification Code and International Standards continue with the objective to standardize policies and procedures for classification across sports, while allowing the International Federations to adapt these to the needs of their sport.

USATT will not enter a player without US National Classification to International Para Event sanctioned by ITTF. Only US players seen by the US National Classifier and who receive US National Classification could be entered in the ITTF Para Tournaments by the USATT. 

Athletes with USA National Classification who are seeking international classification need to participate in a Factor 20 ITTF Para Tournaments.

USATT Player Classification System  

Prospective Para players should send inquiries either to Para  Program Director (Jasna Rather - and/or the Para Classification Coordinator (Sharon Frant Brooks -  Every inquiry is responded to by email with a link to a “Request for initial classification”form.  This form is intended to be a communication and self-identification of disabling conditions. This is not an official medical assessment document.  Additional communications by the lead classifier may further clarify classification eligibility concerns prior to moving forward.

All prospective players are informed of USATT PTT classification sites that are regionally distributed.  A team of medical/paramedical and technical classifiers are assigned to each site.  Player chooses the preferred site for classification.  At this point, forms will be sent for completion, including: a. Consent form for classification, b. Medical eligibility form (completed by their healthcare practitioners, and c. medical documentation attachments as indicated by the medical eligibility form.  All documents need to submitted to the National Classification Coordinator for review.  If there is a question regarding eligibility based on the IPC & ITTF standards, additional documentation will be requested.

Upon assessment, a classification card is generated.  The classification card is sent electronically to the National Classifier.  The cards are printed on-site and given to the athlete once signed by both classifiers and the athlete. The determination of classification must be fully explained. Any player determined to be ineligible has the opportunity to be re-seen at the national classification site.


If a player has had a medical change in condition (e.g. surgery, progression of a neurological condition, additional injuring event) which may have had an impact on their identified class, they can complete the Request for review of classification form explaining the circumstances.

If the situation described reflects an eligibility change, a medical change of eligibility form is sent to the player for completion by their healthcare provider, along with supplemental medical records (e.g. X-rays, surgical reports, therapy records).  

If the information received indicates a possibility of change of classification, they will be seen at a classification site by a team of classifiers at a classification site, following the procedure defined as above.

Classification Forms

All classification forms, other than initial inquiry (Request of Classification forms), have been created in conjunction with the International Table Tennis Federation, Para Table Tennis (ITTF PTT) which have, in turn, been fully integrating the current eligibility standards of the IPC.  

All IPC codes are identified on the classification cards for reference by players, their representatives, and coaches.

If you haven't been classified or need an update please download these documents and then contact Sharon Frant Brooks at

Request for initial classification

Request for review of classification (for possible change due to medical or mobility changes)

Request for addition onto a card, e.g. use of a strap or belt, service rule variations, etc.

Important Classification Information

Eligible Impairments

Athlete Evaluation

Classification Documentation Checklist

Consent Form

Medical Diagnostics Form

Classification Protest Form by NA or NPC

Medical Review Form

ITTF Classification Code

Classification Lists

USATT Classification Master List

ITTF Para Classification Master List

USA Athletes with International Para Classification

Maintenance of Records

All records are maintained by the National Classification coordinator on a dedicated device.  International forms and classification cards are also maintained in the player files and are available to any player upon request.

Education of Classifiers

To assure full compliance with the ITTF PTT / IPC regulations for eligibility and testing, all classifiers who provide classification services are trained through the ITTF PTT classifier training seminars and programs.  We have successfully maintained a regionally distributed set of classification teams, each with all three types of classifiers (medical, paramedical, and technical).  We have underwritten the costs for classifiers to attend the necessary seminars, and have full representation of all 3 levels of international classification status (A,B, and C).  We have conducted international seminars in the USA twice as well.

Classifier Personnel and Training: classifier recruitment, training and certification strategies