The Election Procedures posted on the USA Judo 2020 Election webpage. Please be advised that according to Section 6.5b of the USA Judo Bylaws:

The Group A Organizational Directors will come from nominations made by Group A organizational members of USA Judo that are in good standing. At an appropriate time that is sufficiently in advance of the annual USA Judo Assembly, the Nominating Committee will solicit nominations of individuals from current USA Judo Group A members in accordance with procedures to be established by the Nominating Committee. The nominees will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee to determine that they each qualify to serve if elected. The Nominating Committee will then timely present the names of at least 3 qualified nominees to the Group A members (or, in the event there are fewer than 3 qualified nominees, the names of all qualified nominees), and such nominees will then stand for election by the Group A organizational members at the annual USA Judo Assembly. Group A organizational members having a verified active and current membership base of 3,000 or more members will be entitled to cast 10 votes. All other Group A organization members will be entitled to cast 5 voters in the election of Group A Organizational Directors.

The individual with the highest vote total is elected. Vote counts will be determined by the membership records of USA Judo before voting commences.

Votes will be cast by the individuals designated by each Group A Organization that registered with USA Judo, between October 1 and October 31, 2020. The list of Registered Organizations is posted on the USA Judo 2020 Election webpage.

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or issues.

Timothy Jordan
Chair, USA Judo Nominating Committee