USA Judo

2020 Call for Nominating Committee Candidates

The USA Judo Nominating Committee is officially requesting nomination of candidates for selection to the following positions on the USA Judo Nomination Committee:

  • 1 athlete selected by the USA Judo Elite Athletes (as referred to in Article 11 of the USA Judo Bylaws) and who shall otherwise qualify as an athlete in accordance with the provisions of Section 11.1 of those Bylaws.

  • 1 individual selected by Membership Groups A, B and C of USA Judo

Note that members of the Nominating Committee are precluded from serving as a director or in any other USA Judo capacity, whether governance or on staff, for a period of 1 year after their service on the Nominating Committee ends.

All nominations should be submitted on the Nomination Form below and are to be returned by midnight December 8, 2019 (extended to December 12, 2019). They are to be sent to:


Pete Catlos, Chair USA Judo Nominating Committee Email:


The USA Judo Nominating Committee election will occur from December 16 - 22, 2019 by electronic voting. Nominating forms can be downloaded with the button below. Voter registration will be by electronic means administered by a third party firm.



The 2020 USA Judo Board of Directors Election will include voting to elect the following available positions:

  1. 1 Athlete Director;
  2. 1 representative of the Group A organizational members of USA Judo (the "Group A Organizational Director");
  3. 1 representative of the Coach Members of USA Judo (the "Coach Director");
  4. 1 at-large director, who shall be a member of USA Judo (an "At-Large Director");

As well, the Nominating Committee will select 1 independent director (an "Independent Director").