2020 Elections Nominating Committee

USA Judo is pleased to announce that Mr. Tim Jordan, Independent member of the present Nominating Committee, has, in accordance with the USA Judo bylaws, been selected by the committee as the Chair of the 2020/2021 Nominating Committee.


Nominating Committee Group Organization Representative:


Nominating Committee Athlete Representative:



The USA Judo Nominating Committee sits for a two year term, beginning January 1 of even numbered years, which are the years in which Board of Directors Elections are held.

The Nominating Committee consists of five members:

  • An individual selected by the previous Nominating Committee from that Committee, who shall be the chair;
  • An individual who is independent as that term is defined in Section 6.6 of these Bylaws and who is selected by the previous Nominating Committee;
  • An athlete selected by the USA Judo Elite Athletes (as referred to in Article 11 of these Bylaws) and who shall otherwise qualify as an athlete m accordance with the provisions of Section 11.1 of these Bylaws;
  • An individual selected by the membership groups of USA Judo; and
  • An individual selected by the Board of Directors

Mr. Tim Jordan, the Independent Member of the present Nominating Committee has been selected by that Committee to Chair the 2020/2021 Nominating Committee.

Before January 1, 2020, the present Nominating Committee will select an Independent Member for the 2020/2021 Nominating Committee.

The Athlete Member and the Group Member of the 2020/2021 Nominating Committee will be elected by electronic ballot in December 2019.

Before January 1, 2020, the USA Judo Board of Directors will select the Board appointed Member of the 2020/2021 Nominating Committee.

Election Process for the Athlete Member and the Group Member:

The elections will be be administered by Association Elections, the third-party administrator contracted by USA Judo. The election process has three parts: 1) a call for nominations and approval of the nominees as qualified; 2) registration of voters by electronic means by Association Elections; and 3) the electronic election itself. This will occur on the timeline published on the USA Judo 2020 Election web page.

In each of the two categories, the candidate with the greatest number of votes will be elected. Each registered Athlete will have one vote for the Athlete Member and each Group, though its leader, will have one vote for the Group Member. In the event that two candidates are tied for the greatest number of votes, a second run-off election will be held. In the event that the run-off results in a tie, the Nominating Committee will determine an equitable resolution.

USA Judo Elite Athletes and Group leaders will each receive an e-mail inviting them to register electronically, to receive a ballot. This e-mail will be sent to each individual's USA Judo e-mail address of record, associated with their USA Judo member ID. Athletes and Group leaders should log in to their member record on the USA Judo website and ensure that their listed e-mail address is correct.

The list of qualified USA Judo Elite Athletes is published on the USA Judo website at www.teamusa.org/USA-Judo/2020-Elections/Qualified-Elite-Athletes. The list of Group A, B and C organizations and their leaders of record is published on the USA Judo website at teamusa.org/USA-Judo/About-Us/State-Organizations-Archive/2019/Group-A-B-C-Members.

Questions, concerns or issues? Contact Pete Catlos, 2018/2020 Nominating Committee Chair at elections@usajudo.us.


Nominating Committee Timeline





No later than
November 1, 2019

Current Committee to select 2020 Chair



November 15, 2019


Draft Nomination Committee Selection Call to Action

USA Judo Office prepare preliminary list of Groups and Athletes for Election Associates



Finalize Nominating Committee selection

process document.




Determine role of Association Elections


No later than
December 2, 2019


Issue Nominating Committee Member Selection Call from Nominating Committee Chair

  1. Athlete, and
  2. Groups.

Candidate submission period opens.

Send list of eligible Athletes and Group Member voters to Election Associates.



Issue Call for Independent member Candidates

Publish Nominating Committee selection process on 2020 Election Page.



Voter Registration Opens


No later than
December 8, 2019


Candidate submission period closes.


December 10, 2019


Voter Registration Closes


No later than 7 days after Candidate Submission period closes


Review and acceptance of submissions by Nominating Committee & Announcement


December 16 - 22, 2019

Election of Athlete and Group Nominating Committee members


Execute selection process using Association Elections.

No later than December 27, 2019


Announcement of Election Results


No later than
December 31, 2019

USA Judo Board to appoint Board selected Member