USA Judo

2020 USA Judo Nominating Committee Timeline

October 28, 2020






No later than November

1, 2019

Current Committee

to select 2020 Chair




November 15, 2019


Draft Nomination Committee Selection Call to Action

USA Judo Office prepare preliminary list of Groups and Athletes for November 15 Email

Confirm group email

process with USA Judo



Finalize Nominating Committee selection

process document.




Determine role of

Association Elections


No later than November 15,2019


Issue Nominating Committee Member Selection Call from Nominating Committee Chair

  1. Athlete, and
  2. Groups. Candidate submission

period opens.

Send registration e-mail to Athletes and Group Members



Issue Call for Independent member Candidates

Publish Nominating Committee selection process on 2020 Election





Post Voter Registration

Form on website

No later than

November 22, 2019


Candidate submission

period closes.


November 22, 2019




No later than 7 days after

Candidate Submission period closes


Review and acceptance of

submissions by Nominating Committee.


December 1 - 7, 2019

Selection of Athlete and Group Nominating

Committee members


Execute selection process using Association Elections.

No later than December 15, 2019

USA Judo Board to appoint Board

selected Member




Current Committee to appoint Independent




No later than December 31, 2019

USA Judo Board to accept Chair and Independent