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Event Sanctioning and Point Tournaments

Sanctioning an event provides insurance coverage for USA Judo clubs in good standing with a minimum standard for conduct at an event that is focused on the safety of participants, administrative efficiencies and mandates required by the U.S. Center for SafeSport and/or the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee. 

Sanctions may be obtained for judo or BJJ events held by USA Judo clubs in good standing only. 

USA Judo clubs are considered to be in good standing if:

  • The club holds a current USA Judo membership
  • The club’s primary point of contact also is a current individual member
  • The club must be current with their individual membership, USA Judo Coaching Certification, Background Screen, SafeSport Training and Concussion Awareness Training

Sanctions are available for both non-point events and point tournaments – competitions where athletes can earn points on the USA Judo National Point Rosters. 

For more information, contact Matt Schneider, USA Judo Membership and Events Coordinator, at or 719.866.3618. 


Benefits  Sanction Fees and Additional Costs
In-Club Event 
  • Liability insurance provided as part of USA Judo Club Membership
  • Local, friendly matches easier to implement
  • No certified referees necessary (coaches may serve as referees)
  • No cost sanction if event happens within the club during normal operating hours.

Local Event
  • General liability coverage for event organizer and co-insured (venue)
  • Event published on USA Judo Website Events Calendar and Sport:80 Tournament Calendar
  • Competition management Smoothcomp Credits offered at a discount per credit/competitor of $0.75/competitor
  • Preferred pricing on medals/awards, signage and apparel with USA Judo vendors
  • $100 (If tournament is outside of a dojo and / or members from two other clubs attend event)

Regional Event
  • General liability coverage for event organizer and co-insured (venue)
  • Event published on USA Judo Website Events Calendar and Sport:80 Tournament Calendar
  • 100 Smoothcomp Competitor Credits (if desired)
  • Additional Smoothcomp Credits sold at a discount of $0.65/competitor
  • Preferred pricing on medals/awards, signage and apparel with USA Judo vendors

  • $150

Point Event
  • 250 Smoothcomp Credits included in one category fee, 50 additional credits per added category after first one
  • Additional Smoothcomp Credits sold at a discount of $0.50/competitor
  • Event published on USA Judo Website Events Calendar and Sport:80 Tournament Calendar
  • Event shared on USA Judo Social Media Platforms six weeks before event
  • Two USA Judo banners
  • $550 for first point category, $50 additional for each additional category. Categories include juniors, seniors, veterans and visually impaired
  • Referee costs associated with hosting a mandatory testing/evaluation event which may include, but not be limited to: daily stipends, meals, hotels and travel expenses

When is a sanction request required?

A USA Judo Sanction Request should be made when there is an event hosted by a USA Judo club that is out of scope of the club’s day-to-day activities and/or if they are hosting an event at a location outside of the club.

If a USA Judo Club wants to host a “friendly” competition between other local clubs and competitors, within the capacity of the club determined by the local fire marshal and what is deemed safe, no sanctioned fee is required, but a sanction will be required to be on record for potential injury and insurance purposes.  HOWEVER, the USA Judo standard operating policies and procedures will remain in effect for club events involving members from other clubs.


Point Event Application

Event directors must submit their completed application and supporting documents yearly in order to be considered for point event status. Event directors must apply for and provide supporting documentation as requested for events in 2023.

Point event applications must be submitted by March 31, 2023 in order to be considered for the 2023 season.


Sanctioning Procedures and Forms

USA Judo has moved the Sanctioning Process to an online process to be completed through your USA Judo membership profile at Choose Event Sanctions Procedures below for further information.


Below is a short video that will walk you through the process of completing the online event sanctioning process.




All USA Judo sanctioned events must include the following policy in the entry information packet:

MAAPP Policy

The Center for SafeSport has developed the Minor Athlete Prevention Policies (MAAPP) which USA Judo has adapted to our own sport. The MAAPP is a collection of proactive and training policies comprised of two parts; Education & Training Policy that requires training for certain Adult Participants and the Required Prevention Policies, focused on limiting one-on-one interactions between Adult Participants and Minor Athletes to prevent abuse. The full MAAPP policy and the reporting mechanism for SafeSport infractions can be found at

USA Judo defines “regular contact with minors” as: “Ongoing interactions during a 12-month period wherein an Adult Participant is in a role of direct and active engagement with any Minor Athlete(s). In the spirt of the moral code of judo, USA Judo requires adult members to self-certify whether or not they considered having “regular contact” with minors based on the aforementioned description. If an adult member is unsure whether or not they have “regular contact” with minors, USA Judo encourages those individuals (and their clubs) to err on the side of caution and complete the SafeSport Training and Certification. USA Judo, in cooperation with USA Judo Clubs and all LAOs, has the right to randomly review and assess members who may have regular contact with minors and require compliance if/when considered necessary by USA Judo Leadership.

The USA Judo SafeSport Handbook can be found at

All MAAPP, SafeSport, or policy violations can be reported formally or anonymously through the reporting form/button found here: If you have any questions about this please contact or 719-866-3621.

All USA Judo sanctioned events must post the MAAPP At-A-Glance document in a public and conspicuous location:

Download MAAPP At-A-Glance


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