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USA Judo would like to extend congratulations for all our referees. International events are some of the most coveted events to participate at as a referee.

Please review a listing of the events our referees are attending in the international arena.


Referees who have completed the IJF Academy

Name Date Referee Level Event Location
Donaldson, Bobby 1/1/19 IJF-A Level 1 DOM
Crawford, Tracy 1/1/19 N4 Level 1 DOM
Crawford, Tracy 11/1/19 N4 Level 2 DOM
Landstreet, Sharon ? IJF-A Level 1  
Cohen, Devin 4/20/20 IJF-A Level 1 DOM
Williams, David 12/1/22 IJF-A Level 1 JPN
Davis, John T. 1/16/23 IJF-B Level 1 DOM
Toth, Brian 1/16/23 IJF-A Level 1 DOM
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