USA Table Tennis

Coach Certification and Courses

Becoming a qualified table tennis coach in the USA through the USATT Coaching Certification. You will find information below on how you can get involved in coaching table tennis and becoming certified. All coaches teaching in USATT Sanctioned Clubs in the USA must have mandatory SafeSport Certification and Background Checks - find more information on the SafeSport homepage. Contact for Further Information/Questions - Tina Ren

Online Club Level Coach Certification

The USATT online Club Coach certification program is now available on Integrass at The Club Coach Course contains video training content, a Club Coach Test, and practical training by course instructors to become certified as a USATT Club Coach. 


To be enrolled in the Club Coach certification program you may enter the course and use the PayPal Link to pay the certification exam fee.  Please be sure to check the course perquisites and certification requirements below before attempting to enroll in the online Club Coach Course.

Course Fee: $299.00


  • USATT member in good standing

  •  SafeSport Compliance:

  •  Complete SafeSport Training

  •  Pass background check

  •  USATT coach code of conduct

  •  16 years of age or older

  •  Two years of USATT membership or in foreign table tennis associations; OR a minimum rating of 1500 achieved in USATT sanctioned tournaments

Certification Requirements

To become and remain an active USATT Certified Coach you must be a current USATT Member and SafeSport Compliant. SafeSport Compliance requires completion of a USATT Background Check and SafeSport Tutorial. USATT Membership and SafeSport requirements are available on Simply Compete at First time visitors will need to create a USATT account.

Coach Course Instructors

Pieke Franssen

Course Coach: Pieke Franssen

Club: 888 Table Tennis Club

Coaching Achievements

2010 European Youth Championships: 1st place girls junior single Britt Eerland

2008 European Championships: 1st place women’s team

2008 Pro Tour Slovenia: 1st place women’s single Li Jiao, 1st place women’ double Li Jie, 2nd place Li Jiao

2007 European Championships: 1st Place Li Jiao women’s single

Full Bio

Course Coach: Jun Gao

Club: California Table Tennis

Coaching Achievements

2017 PanAm Junior Championships Girls’ Coach

2016 World Junior Championships Girls' Coach

2015 coached Rachel Yang US Open U-13 Champion and Cadet National Team

2012 coached Erica Wu to London Olympics

Full Bio

Course Advisor: Larry Hodges

Club: Maryland Table Tennis Center

Coaching Achievements

USATT Certified National Coach

ITTF Level 2 coach

1991-95, 2017-2018 Chair of USATT Coaching Committee

Two-time USATT Coach of the Year

Editor of USA Table Tennis Magazine for 12 years

Member of USATT Hall of Fame and 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 

Full Bio

Course Coach: Dave Fullen

Club: Spin & Smash

Coaching Achievements

USATT Regional Coach

ITTF Level 2 coach

Completing certification for National Coach/ITTF Level 3 coach

table tennis since 2012

2020 USATT Hopes camps head coach

Coaching Excellence Program Developer