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What is the State Qualification Tournament?

The US Nationals Table Tennis Championships State Qualification Tournaments (“SQTs”),  offer up to thirty-one different events, and the winners of each event at these SQTs will receive an automatic qualification to the Main Draw of that specific event at the 2021 US National Table Tennis Championships, which are scheduled to be held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 4 – 9, 2021. USATT will also waive the entry fee for those winners into that specific event (only) at the National Championship in Las Vegas.

Who Can Play?

In order to participate in the SQT, a participant must be a citizen of the United States and a resident of the state in which the SQT is being held. Proof of citizenship and residency is required. The prospectus, which lists the rules and qualification requirements, for the SQTs can be viewed at the Omnipong website ( and at the Tournament Schedule page on the USATT website (

How to Register?

Registration for the SQTs can be finalized through Omnipong. Please note that each SQT prospectus contains the contact information for the Tournament Director hosting that particular SQT, and questions regarding the local tournament operations in a particular state can be directed to the TD. For more general questions regarding the SQTs, please contact USATT at:

Club Information

How to Host the State Qualification?


Clubs Interested in Hosting a State Qualification Tournament should submit a written Proposal to USATT Chief Operating Officer, Mark Thompson (, specifically describing the Club’s capacity to meet all required specifications and any unique elements that would improve or impact the Club’s ability to host an elite level table tennis tournament. The deadline to host a State Qualification Tournament is April 18th, 2021.



Selected Host Club must be able to meet all mandatory requirements to host a USATT Sanctioned Three-Star Tournament, the specifications for which include:

  • Lighting – Minimum 600 Lux
  • Flooring – Wood Floor or Rubberized Mats on Concrete or Tile for All Matches
  • Ceiling Height – 16 feet (Minimum)
  • Basic Court Size – 30 feet long with 10 feet between tables (Minimum)
  • Feature Court Size - 19 feet by 38 feet for Feature Matches
  • Tables – No More than Two Models in Use
  • Time Scheduling – All events must be time scheduled

Selected Host Club Must Designate a SafeSport Compliant Tournament Director to Serve as the On-Site Manager of All Phases of the Tournament, as well as at least one Official (Club Umpire, Minimum) to Manage On-Court Issues.

Scorekeeping Assistance to be Provided by Tournament Participants.

Selected Host Club Must meet all COVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions Including Submission of Operational Safety Plan Checklist and Declaration of Compliance with Local Governmental Regulations.

Selected Host Club would preferably Centrally Located in the State.

Selected Host Club must have Sufficient Hotel Accommodations within a Reasonable Distance of the Club Preference is given to Clubs who are Sponsored by an Approved USATT Partner.

Selected Host Club must have High-Speed Internet Connection – Sufficient Bandwidth to Support Video Streaming Selected Host Club must have Staffing and/or Volunteer Participation to Manage an Elite Level Table Tennis Event



USATT will Prepare, Distribute and Manage a Prospectus and Entry Blank for each SQT.

USATT and the Selected Host Club will Jointly Prepare to Execute a State-Specific Marketing Plan Designed to Maximize Participation in each SQT.

Participants Will Be Permitted to Play All Events for Which they Qualify, but will be Charged Additional Fees on a Per Event Basis.

USATT Will Split Revenue Generated from the Entry Fees with the Selected Host Club (90 – 10) – USATT will Manage the Receipt, Accounting, and Distribution of All Funds.