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The US National Ranking database system shows you not only your rank nationally but also, using the filters at the top of the column, allows you to see the rankings both for your region AND your state.  Over time, this database system will continue to be enhanced with new features and optimizations.  Official Coach Ranking will be coming soon.

U.S. National Rankings is a major part of the criteria for selection to the USA Taekwondo Athlete Academy - with qualifying athletes receiving access to exclusive training opportunities, exclusive apparel and, in the case of the most exciting prospects, international travel to World Taekwondo sanctioned events in order to get vital international experience as part of YOUR development as a future world class athlete.


Ranking Data:

Results will be updated frequently as they come in from state championships and events around the world.  Check back regularly to see your progress and keep an eye on the event calendar to see which events you can attend to improve your points total and ranking!

If you see any errors,or wish to add your coach or your club to your athlete listing please email nbryant@usatkd.org - remember to include your name, USATKD number and/or GAL number, division(s) and the information you wish to add or correct. 

CLICK HERE to see the latest National Rankings for all sparring ages, belts and divisions! You can also now filter the rankings even further and find out where you rank in your state AND your region - the qualifier for the exciting new state and regional representative teams! UPDATED August 16, 2021 (We are working on updating the new age divisions for the Ultra Divisions.)
CLICK HERE to visit the World Taekwondo Rankings website.

Here you can download the Excel spreadsheet that will show you exactly how your points were calculated!


Download the U.S. National Poomsae Rankings Raw Data by CLICKING HERE. (Updated March 13, 2023)

Click Here to Download the U.S. National Coach Rankings Raw Data (updated July 3rd, 2020, which include all Black Belt, Color Belt, and Overall Coach Rankings.)


Note: You are only ranked if you have a minimum of 5 athletes listed and have a total higher than 0.

The 2019-2020 All-American coaches are listed below. The All-American Coaches were selected based on the performance of their athletes by using the total number of points of all competing athletes after the 2019 USATKD National Championships. (Based on the U.S. national Sparring Rankings; posted July 18, 2019).

Sang Cha

Dennis Kim

Christopher Hershberger

Eui Lee

Gianni Giambi

Juan Moreno

Dennis White

Darin Carr

Taylor Smith

Rubben Lolly

Here you can download the Excel spreadsheet that will show you exactly how your points were calculated!


Download the U.S. National Sparring Rankings Raw Data by CLICKING HERE. (Updated January 4, 2023).    


Click here for Ultra and Para divisions.  


In this section you will be able to find the current rules governing the U.S. National Rankings System.

To download the U.S. National Sparring Ranking System Rules CLICK HERE.  Updated January 27, 2023.   

To download the U.S. National Poomsae Ranking System Rules CLICK HERE.  Updated January 27, 2023.