Athletes who have not been licensed must complete the following steps: 

1.  Submit License fee of $25 USD. Pay for your IPC License online by VISA card only or contact USOPC Classification Manager at NPCUSAclassification@usopc.org for additional payment options.

2. Submit a completed Medical Diagnosis Form to NPCUSAclassification@usopc.org. The form must be completed by a doctor and should include supporting documentation.

3. Email a copy of your passport. The IPC requires a passport or passport card as proof of citizenship. Scan the informational page of your passport (the one with your photo), save it as a PDF and email it to NPCUSAclassification@usopc.org Please do not fax as it will not come through clearly.  If you do not have a passport or your passport is being processed, you may submit a copy of your birth certificate and submit the passport at a later date.

4. Email a recent headshot photo (photos must have a white background, not include headgear, dark glasses and hair bands on the athlete and have the head of the athlete looking face-on). Using a digital camera, have someone take a picture of you against a white wall and email the photo to NPCUSAclassification@usopc.org. Please do not fax as it will not come through clearly.

5. You will receive an email from NoReply@paralympic.org  within 5 days of your payment to the email you used on the payment page. You will need to go to the  IPC Master List to find your SDMS number by pulling the master list for American athletes for the previous year(or last year you had a license). If you have not received an email from NoReply@paralympic.org  you can visit this page after 5 days.  If you are having issues with the Athlete Portal, please email NPCUSAClassification@USOPC.org

The SDMS will issue a unique athlete identification number, which will remain with the athlete through his/her sport career. The IPC Athlete License will be valid for one calendar year (January-December). Please allow 3 - 5 business days for the license to be active on the IPC Master List. New athletes will have an International Classification status listed as "N (New)" until they have undergone an international classification evaluation

If you have any questions, please call or email the USOPC Classification Manager at NPCUSAclassification@usopc.org.