U.S. Paralympics Snowboarding

Keith Gabel competes at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Paralympic Games.

Athlete Advisory Group (AAG)

U.S. Paralympics Snowboarding has established an Athlete Advisory Group “AAG” to serve as the collective voice for its athlete population. The members of the AAG liaise with the NGB’s professional staff to foster collaboration between program staff and athletes. The current advisory group includes Paralympic and world champions Noah Elliott and Brenna Huckaby, as well as James Sides and national team member Joe Pleban.


These athletes can provide guidance and unparalleled expertise based on their experience and long-term involvement with the program. Please feel free to reach out to these athletes, as well as to the U.S. Paralympics Snowboarding staff to ask questions and provide input about our programs. To contact the Athlete Advisors, please use the email addresses below.

  • James Sides – Representative – jsides66@gmail.com
  • Brenna Huckaby – Alternate
  • Noah Elliott
  • Joe Pleban

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